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Welcome to the Natural Light Studio located in the Cedars Arts district adjacent to downtown.  This adaptive beautifully lit space over the years has been home to some amazing events and productions for some of the biggest brands and most noted photographers, directors, and media in the US.  


We are famous for our exquisite daylight for 8+ hours a day from the East, West, and South.   We are excited to announce NLS has just completed a beautiful re-imagine, modernization  update.  One significant upgrade is more than 100 linear feet of floor to ceiling special light diffusing panels (as found in the Guggenheim) imported from Spain.  The light and mood they project are magical.  Also a luxurious 4 station makeready room, a commercial kitchen with food prep height counters, a cafe, meeting rooms, digital ideation boards, multiple bathrooms, a second mini-kitchen with a microwave, fridge, and coffee machine. 


We now also have a complete  in-house virtual studio production team and control room to stream and broadcast your content live, and or get a shoot ZOOM setup so you can have ALL your clients be a part of your safe shoot.   So whether you need just a space to shoot or a creative inspiring facility for team ideation or a big wow venue to host an intimate event treat NLS as your home.





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1816 Clarence Street

Dallas, Texas 75215


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